Con-Link Shipping Ltd has been developed an excellent agency network for all over the world, with this comprehensive network coverage, we are able to handle your cargo at all destination effectively.

As the center base office in Hong Kong, we can provide the below excellent services.


1. As your Receiving Agent in Hong Kong


P         Under our Rebate Scheme, we will offer our oversea cargo partners a commission system for shipments going to Hong Kong

P         Send arrival notice to the consignee

P         Collect Original Bill of Lading and any other charges on behalf of you in Hong Kong

P         Remit the collected funds to you within 30 days after collection

P         With your authorization, we can settle any charges required by the liner on your behalf


2. Arrange shipment from HK or China to your final destination


P         As the rapid growth for China export, we can handle any cargoes from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Qingdao, Dalian, Ningbo , Tianjin and all the other inland ports in the China area. We can act as your connecting keys to step inside the China Market Shipment.  We have a team of aggressive sales staff to follow up all your sales leads and nomination/routine consignments for both inbound and outbound, and prompt feedback will be available to you upon receiving your instruction and enquiries; hence making our joint-service sales more workable, and the results become productive.


3. As Transshipment Agent


P         If you have any transshipment cargoes going to China via Hong Kong, we can handle it by:

P         Receiving Shipment - if consolidation container with various destinations in China, we can strip the container in our warehouse, arrange and issue all necessary document for transshipment.

P         If you are interested in this field, we are glad to submit to you our on-forwarding tariff for your reference.


4. Container Sales


We the excellent relationship for most shipping line, we can offer a highly competitive rates for containers to your requested destination. No matter where you want to ship your cargo, we always your best choice.


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